Mid-Life: 40s to 50s

Life during your mid-life

This is the consolidation stage of life. You are living a comfortable lifestyle and thinking about accumulating assets for your future retirement. Types of financial planning advice you may require:

  • How to provide for your lifestyle expenses if you are unable to work due to illness/injury.
  • Ensure family’s lifestyle is maintained in the event of death.
  • How to pay off the family home mortgage sooner.
  • How to tax effectively save for retirement using superannuation, direct property, shares.
  • What to do with a redundancy payout.
  • Things you need to consider when starting a business (eg: business plan, business insurances, HR obligations, super for employees, is a SMSF appropriate, tax concessions if exiting business.)
  • Is my Will valid?
  • Do I need a Power of Attorney?