Maintaining the Game Plan

Maintaining the game plan

Our financial planning strategy is the game plan for achieving your personal and financial goals. To ensure the game plan remains up-to-date and appropriate to your circumstances an annual review should be conducted.

The financial planning review process addresses changes to the following areas and adjusts your financial strategy accordingly:

  • How you are tracking towards your personal and financial objectives
  • Has there been a change in your income and expenditure
  • Has your family situation and health changed
  • Do you need to alter your personal insurance covers
  • Discuss the current economic environment and possible effects on game plan
  • Discuss the performance and possible changes to non-superannuation and superannuation investments
  • Is a self-managed superannuation fund appropriate
  • Has there been a change in your taxation position
  • Is there any opportunities to reduce your tax payable
  • Are you eligible for social security support
  • Do you need to review your Wills and Powers of Attorney

The above list is not exhaustive. It is designed to provide you with a snapshot of what can change and what we look for when conducting reviews. The aim of our review service is to form a partnership between the financial planner and client to ensure that you are reaching your financial and life goals.

At Compass Wealth Strategies we offer 4 ongoing advice and service packages which are selected according to the complexity of each client’s situation. We would spend time with you initially, recommending and explaining the service we believe is the most suitable for your needs.