Setting the Game Plan

Setting the game plan

To provide you with the right financial planning strategy to achieve your personal and financial goals, we undertake the following process:

Initial Meeting:
Your initial meeting is at no cost or obligation to you. The goal of this meeting is to explain to you how we work and what to expect. We will discuss your life and financial goals and establish your financial planning needs. We finish off the meeting with a general outline of how we can assist you and the cost of our financial planning advice. We are a fee for service financial planning practice and charge our clients for the level of financial planning advice and service required. The fee for developing and implementing your game plan will depend on the following variables:

  • face to face financial planning meetings,
  • time taken by the financial planner and support staff behind the scenes such as liaising with other professionals (eg your accountant, mortgage broker, property investment specialist and/or lawyer), obtaining financial records, financial research into products and strategies, detailed comparisons between products, financial forecasting, preparation/presentation/implementation of the final game plan.

Engage our Services:
Should you wish to explore your financial planning options in detail you will be required to formally engage our services via a Letter of Engagement.

To develop a game plan to achieve your personal and financial goals we will collect both personal and financial information. This information will be transcribed for compliance purposes into a FactFind.

Develop the Financial Planning Strategy & Strategy Meeting:
After our initial appointment and FactFind session, we will assess your personal and financial information and determine options available to achieve your objectives. This may be drafted in a Strategy Paper. This step is about exploring the financial planning options available to enable you to achieve your objectives. Generally, there are no specific product/investment recommendations made in this Strategy Paper. It is about presenting options which you need to consider carefully, and through further discussions with your Financial Planner, come to a decision on the option which is most appropriate to achieving your objectives.

Implementing the Financial Planning Strategy:
This is where the options selected from the Strategy Meeting are implemented. A Statement of Additional Advice will be constructed detailing both strategy and product recommendations. Our office will lodge and track any investment/insurances etc which will need to be established.